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Live Support to help with benefit needs

From basic questions, to in-depth consultations, we know it is important to have access to an actual advisor that takes the time to develop a specific benefits plan using key information regarding the specific needs of you and your family. Our dedicated team of Benefits Counselors are specially trained to work with you and can provide both you and your employees with expert advice regarding health plans. Our Benefits Counselors have already helped thousands of members with common inquiries such as checking provider networks, making sure prescription drugs are covered, and explaining difficult to understand insurance jargon.

Live Support

Licensed counselors are just a phone call away helping you make your benefits decisions.

Concierge level of advocacy throughout the year

Billing errors, lost ID cards, problems with claims, and changes in your family status are all common occurrences that our Benefits Counselors can assist you with.

Interactive Decision Support Tools

“Ask Emma” is much more than an interactive decision support tool—she represents a whole new approach to benefits shopping, enrollment, and education, helping employees make more informed and personalized decisions across a range of benefits offerings – all through an engaging, interactive experience.

“Ask Emma” guides employees through the buying process by asking a few simple questions and then suggests the plans that fits their individual needs. Unlike other tools in the market today, “Ask Emma” is fully integrated into the shopping and enrollment platform for a seamless consumer experience.

You won’t need to field questions from your employees about which plan to choose. Our “Ask Emma” exchange technology, along with our licensed Benefits Counselors, will take care of that for you.

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Want to Start Your Own Private Exchange?

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